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Urban Lab partners with Resolve for the London Design Festival 2016

9 September 2016

UCL Urban Laboratory is pleased to announce a partnership with Resolve - a student-led interdisciplinary collective - during the London Design Festival 2016

Rebel Space Pavillion at the Brixton Design Trail

Commissioned as part of the Brixton Design Trail, the Rebel Space Pavilion will synthesise community organisation, youth workshops and substainable design to form a temporary space for talks, exhibitions and events within a structure that works as a commentary on the informal architectural practices in the built environments of many of the cultures that define Brixton.

Urban Lab will curate an evening of talks, screenings and music - Refuge, The Subaltern & Urban Space - on 20 September, that interrogates the role of the city in the exclusion, inclusion and re-identification of immigrant and disenfranchised groups. A programme will be announced the week before.

Rebel Space is the initiative of Resolve, led by UCL students Akil Scafe-Smith and Gameli Ladzekpo. The pavilion will be open 24 hours a day for seven days between 17 - 24 September, with an events programme each day from 6pm, and related exhibition each day from 12pm. The structure will be located at the centre of Brixton in St Matthew's Churchyard.

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