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ASF-UK publish Cape Town regeneration through participatory design report with Urban Lab and DPU

3 October 2016

Interviewing residents of Ilinge Abahlai Housing Cooperative

Architecture Sans Frontières-UK have pubished a new report based on the findings of a 2015 workshop in South Africa - Change by Design: Reimagining Regeneration through Participatory Design. The report outlines the findings of a two-week workshop that took place in Cape Town in April 2015, resulting from a partnership between ASF-UK and Development Action Group (DAG), with the support of The Bartlett Development Planning Unit and the UCL Urban Laboratory, and Sheffield School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield.

Ben Campkin, Director of the Urban Laboratory, contributes to the report, along with Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Eleanor Bainbridge, Jhono Bennett, Beatrice De Carli, Matthew French, Celia Macedo, Julian Walker, as well as DAG's team: Ayesha Issdn, Helen Macgregor Rourke, Willard Matiashe, and Claire Du Trevou. The report is edited by Eleanor Bainbridge.

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Image: Interviewing residents of the Ilinge Abahlai Housing Cooperative as part of teh Change by Design workshop in April 2015