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Michael Edwards publishes papers on London's housing crisis

28 April 2016

Michael Edwards, a member of UCL Urban Laboratory's International Advisory Group and Teaching Fellow in The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, has published two open access papers that seek to address the problems arising from London's current housing crisis

Pakeman House, SE1: housing block owned by the Corporation of London

In a piece for Soundings, Michael looks at alternatives to current housing policies, critiquing how neoliberalism has been successful in shifting attitudes away from the notion that it is the business of the state to make provision for adequate homes for all, and towards the idea that housing should be seen as a market issue.

In a paper presented on 23 April, for a conference at UEL/Birkbeck in Stratford on London's Housing Crisis and its Activisms, and published in CITY, Michael focuses on how London's overblown financialisation has created the European nation with the fastest long-term growth of average house prices and widest regional disparities.

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Image: Pakeman House, SE1, Corporation of London housing block / Credit: Nigel Cox on Wikimedia Commons