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Matthew Beaumont features in BBC Radio 4 programme on the city at night

28 April 2016

Matthew Beaumont (Co-Director, UCL Urban Laboratory) spoke to BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed about the notion of London as a 24-hour city and urban walking at night

Matthew Beaumont - nightwalking

The programme, originally broadcast on 27 April, is a special on the history and meaning of the urban stroller, and features a reading of Matthew's latest book Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London (Verso, 2015).

Speaking to the presenter Laurie Taylor, Matthew contends that the city idler isn't simply a by product of modernism, illuminating London's past via the nocturnal wanderings of poets, novelists and thinkers.

The episode can be listened back to on the BBC iPlayer (section begins at 06.08) or by downloading as a podcast.

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