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Urban Laboratory academics feature in BBC programme 'The Country Formerly Known as London'

27 March 2014

Urban Laboratory researcher Louis Moreno and Urban Laboratory Steering Committee member Michael Edwards feature in a BBC Radio 4 programme that asks the question, how would London look as an independent city-state?

The Country Formerly Known as London

The Country Formerly Known as London aired on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 1 April at 20:00, presented by The Guardian's economics leader writer, Aditya Chakrabortty. It is available to listen to on the BBC iPlayer until Tuesday 8 April via this link.

The programme takes the form of a despatch from the future, sketching out the contours of independent London in 2030 - an affluent country with more liberal attitudes, and far more diverse, transient population than Britain, but with a lopsided economy all too dependent on financial services and an increasingly hollowed-out society.

Image credit: BBC