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Future Proofing Cities report launched 

3 December 2012

'Future Proofing Cities: Risks and opportunities for inclusive urban growth in developing countries', a groundbreaking report produced by UCL Developing Planning Unit (DPU) in collaboration with Atkins and DFID was launched last week and received wide media coverage

Future Proofing Cities report launched

Assessing the environmental risks faced by 129 cities in 20 countries in the global south, the report examines a repertoire of over 100 policy options for cities to future proof themselves. The report emphasises that rather than pursuing best practices, cities in the global south need to design their own policy portfolios in the light of the specific risks they face, and their capacity to act.

The DPU team involved in this undertaking included Dr Adriana Allen, Dr Vanesa Castan Broto, Caren Levy and Linda Westman, who were responsible for providing strategic guidance throughout the development of the project's analytical framework and for the production of five in-depth case studies that provide a nuanced exploration of the combined challenges and opportunities for future proofing urban development in Bangkok, Maputo, Bangalore, Karachi and Nairobi. 

To find more about Future Proofing Cities, please visit: http://www.futureproofingcities.com/

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