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Book Launch: Sustainable London? The Future of a Global City

24 November 2014, 5:30 pm–8:00 pm

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Centre for Creative Collaboration, King's Cross

The Urban Salon series is committed to encouraging collaboration and networking across the different London colleges, where there are significant concentrations of urban researchers working on many different cities across the world within very close proximity. This enables us to adopt a pro-active approach to stimulating international and comparative urban research. We bring together presenters and discussants who work on different cities but share thematic interests to encourage conceptual debate across a variety of different urban contexts.

The first Urban Salon of this academic year will be the launch of Professor Rob Imrie and Professor Loretta Lees' new edited book Sustainable London? The Future of a Global City, published by Policy Press. 

"Sustainability is a term that has risen in prominence just as global cities like London are becoming even less sustainable. This important new book calls for a renewed emphasis on social justice in urban policy making. The authors remind us of the things that really matter in life and the political battles that need to be won over wages, housing, transport and the environment."

Professor Jane Wills, Queen Mary University of London

"It's no longer a surprise that the words 'sustainable development' at best are marginal adjustments, or more likely, cynical greenwash. Sustainable London explores the results in ruthless detail - seen in the 'post-political', socially cleansed 'mixed communities', complete with their 'poor doors' and 'anti-homeless spikes' - it is a way-marker which sets the agenda."

Joe Ravetz, Co-Director, Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy, University of Manchester

How is London responding to social and economic crises, and to the challenges of sustaining its population, economy and global status?

Sustainable development discourse has come to permeate different policy fields, including transport, housing, property development and education. In this exciting book, authors highlight the uneven impacts and effects of these policies in London, including the creation of new social and economic inequalities. The contributors seek to move sustainable city debates and policies in London towards a progressive, socially just future that advances the public good. 

The book is essential reading for urban practitioners and policy makers, and students in social, urban and environmental geography, sociology and urban studies.


Anna Minton (UEL)

Dr. Ben Campkin (UCL)

John McKiernan (Platform-7)

The book will be available for the special price of £15 on the day.

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The Urban Salon is organised by:

Pushpa Arabindoo (UCL)

Monica Degen (Brunel)

Michael Guggenheim (Goldsmiths)

Loretta Lees (Leicester)

Jenny Robinson (UCL)

Hyun Shin (LSE)