UCL Urban Laboratory


Performative Urban (R)existence workshop + film screening 

01 October 2013, 4:00 pm–6:00 pm


Art and social engagement: aesthetic articulations in the urban space. A dialogue between Rome and London.

This event is free.

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UCL Urban Laboratory


Italian Cultural Institute in London
39 Belgrave Square
United Kingdom

This event is organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in London, in collaboration with the Roman Modernities network and Urban Lab Films.

Contemporary urban spaces represent complex social articulations of both encounter and conflict. These sites are frequently subject to art interventions enacted for a range of aesthetic, social and political purposes.

This interdisciplinary workshop seeks to critically examine the relationship between art interventions and urban places, questioning in what ways urban art can engage with, create and change public spaces.

What kind of transformative effects artistic practice can have on the cityscape and in the development of urban cultures?

The invited speakers will provide insights into how performance, art, urban research and film-making can shape and interact with urban spaces, especially when the lives and voices that inhabit them are marginalised or mystified.

The workshop aims at strengthening the dialogue between the two cities of Rome and London, bringing together academics and urban researchers, artists, architects and film-makers.

Speakers include Louis Moreno (UCL Urban Lab), David Roberts (PhD student at The Bartlett School of Architecture and member of Fugitive Images), Fabrizio Boni and Giorgio de Finis (directors of Space Metropoliz), Dr Camillo Boano (UCL Urban Lab co-director, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit) and Enrica Colusso (filmmaker and lecturer at Roehampton University).  To RSVP for the workshop please email: 


The workshop will be followed by a screening of the documentary SPACE METROPOLIZ (F. Boni and G. De Finis), the visionary story of the occupants of an old abandoned factory in Rome, renamed Metropoliz, who decide to build a rocket and to go live on the moon, the only place where a just and border-free world is still imaginable. The film starts at 6.30pm. Free admission and open to all.  

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