UCL Urban Laboratory


Learning From Beirut: an urban design methodology exchange seminar and presentation

09 October 2013, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm


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UCL, Harrie Massey LT, 25 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AY

This public seminar presentation will showcase the results of a Bartlett Grand Challenges Small Research Grant excursion to Beirut, Lebanon in April 2013. The four team members will draw upon their experiences as an interdisciplinary group of city observers through nuanced readings of the challenges facing the city's urban growth and development. Paying respect to the initial project purpose of methodology-driven knowledge exchange, the individual presentations will shed light on particular approaches to urban investigation, to be followed by a chaired panel discussion. 

Camillo Boano is an architect with extensive research and consultancy experience in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He is Senior Lecturer at the Bartlett DPU, Director of the MSc Building and Urban Design in Development, and Co-Director of the UCL Urban Laboratory.

Matthew Carmona, Bartlett Professor of Planning and Urban Design, has conducted research for numerous UK organisations including LDA and CABE and leads classes on urban theory and practice, governance of design and design dimensions of planning. 

Kayvan Karimi, Director at Space Syntax Limited, has extensive consultancy experience in urban regeneration, conservation and master-plans where has has developed evidence-based analytical design tools for urban research and planning. 

William Hunter has run studios in design practice and seminars in case study analysis, and investigative design strategies for developing contexts at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit. He previously presented on the Learning From Beirut project at Cities Methodologies 2013.