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Re-NETwork collects multiple perspectives investigating diverse contexts, methodologies, approaches, comprehensively outlining the potential of designing future visions that coincide with existing elements - re-thought, re-valued, re-traced. In the face of realigning urban planning and landscape disciplines towards more sustainable and ecological approaches, teaching activities must also contribute to creating awareness regarding these topics for the future governance of our territories. The proposal is therefore declined through three different topics: theory, methodology, and experiences.

The Re-NETwork_Theory aims to share the theoretical approaches of this research group such as tools and processes to develop students' professional and ethical competences in relation to globalised urban development practices. This mostly refers to what we are investigating through the "Re-cycle Italy" research project, funded by the Italian government, developed by eleven Italian Universities and their international partners, on urban re-cycle issues.

The RE-NETwork_Methodology proposes to share an efficient methodology that enhances a cross-disciplinary education allowing to interpret and design contemporary urban spaces. This process will critically present by showing the results obtained in the different universities involved (Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, Chile) applying the following five-step methodology.

The Re-NETwork_Experiences show a selection of international experiences organised by the aforementioned group (workshops, events, lectures, seminars, research, developed internationally: Hannover, Barcelona, Genoa, Rome, Santiago). In all these occasion, students are confronted with constant exchange between research, analysis and design in order to provide them with a set of tools useful towards facing the new challenges of an ever-changing context. Projects are essential to provide future visions, strengthened by the contribution of research, to achieve comprehensive designs, resulting from a deep scientific reflection, and pushing towards a concept of learning by doing. 

15 minute paper by Mosè Ricci (University of Genoa), Sara Favargiotti (University of Genoa), Maddalena Ferretti (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Mathilde Marengo (IAAC, Barcelona), Chiara Rizzi (University of Trento), and Emanuele Sommariva (Leibniz Universität Hannover).

Session two (parallel panel two): 14.00 - 16.00, Thursday 17 September, Darwin Building B12/B15. 

Image: an experience organised by the RE-NETwork group


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