Urban Dynamics Lab



The angular nature of road networks

Carlos Molinero, Elsa Arcaute, Rob Murcio

Nature Scientific Reports 7, 4312

Quantifying Retail Agglomeration using Diverse Spatial Data

Duccio Piovani, Vassilis Zachariadis, Michael Batty

Nature Scientific Reports 7, 5451

Estimating pedestrian demand for active transport evaluation and planning

Ashley Dhanani,  Lusine Tarkhanyan, Laura Vaughan
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Regional surnames and genetic structure in Great Britain. (in press)

J Kandt, J A Cheshire, P A Longley

Transactions, Institute of British Geographers

Geo-temporal Twitter demographics 

P A Longley, M Adnan

International Journal of Geographical Information Science 30(2) 

Diverse cities or the systematic paradox of urban scaling laws

Clémentine Cottineau, Erez Hatna, Elsa Arcaute, Michael Batty

Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (2016)

The geography of Twitter topics in London

Paul Longley, Guy Lansley

Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (2016)

Cities and Regions in Britain through hierarchical percolation

Elsa Arcaute, Carlos Molinero, Erez Hatna, Roberto Murcio, Camilo Vargas-Ruiz, A. Paolo Masucci, Michael Batty

arXiv:1504.08318 [physics.soc-ph]

Defining urban agglomerations to detect agglomeration economies

Clementine Cottineau, Olivier Finance, Erez Hatna, Elsa Arcaute, Michael Batty

arXiv:1601.05664 [physics.soc-ph]