Urban Dynamics Lab


Analytics for local government

Leading and governing cities and enabling dynamics across and between them and wider regional economies is a complex process. How can policy-making for cities and regions become more accountable, locally sensitive, coherent, sustainable and evidence-based rather than solely driven by top-down or local political currents and short-term interests?

We are proposing that increased accessibility, understanding and devolution of data, modelling and analytics through an open source platform, combined with comprehensive research on urban and regional development, can help local and central government deal with the complexity of long-term investment decisions and their impact, and ultimately aid the economies of city and regional systems. 

Our work on these tools and analytics aim to support and empower Local Authorities in this, through a co-design process exploring a number of challenges in urban and regional development and policy decision-making:

  • Intra- and inter-city, and regional interdependencies 
  • A lack of local, system-internal understanding of methods and modelling techniques
  • A lack of comprehensive, intra-departmental, data-driven analytics
  • Communication of methodologies and intelligence between cities, regions and central government
  • Inaccessibility of integrated, relevant, frequent data
  • Skills gaps in data management and processing

Read more about the technology, analytics and toolkits underpinning our work here.