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Linking Bipolar Interventions with Research (LIBRA) Clinic

Our mood fluctuates day-to-day but for some people this can cause major disruption to their daily lives. Bipolar spectrum disorder refers to a set of experiences that include extremes in mood, and changes in drive and the pursuit of goals. Often these shifts in mood occur following unexpected good or bad life events, but in these circumstances our mood can get us carried away in terms of how we view the world. Sometimes the world around us doesn’t need to change for our perception of it to change. Research shows that this is fairly common, with bipolar spectrum disorder affecting as many as one in twenty people.

The Libra clinic (Linking Bipolar Interventions with Research) offers specialist assessment and treatment for strong and changeable moods. Our goal is to provide novel evidence-informed interventions for strong and changeable moods. integrating with cutting-edge advances in scientific research. We are based within the UCL University Clinic and work with clients referred via Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust. The Libra clinic is headed by Dr Liam Mason (Principal Clinical Psychologist) and offers specialism for psychological therapists and trainee clinical psychologists. As a clinical academic centre, we also offer the opportunity to be involved in innovativeresearch and to shape the services we deliver.

What to expect from LIBRA:

We offer assessment, formulation and evidence-based psychological interventions for mood instability, particularly to people who may not currently be experiencing significant problems with their mood. Treatment generally consists of time-limited interventions in blocks of ten sessions focused on reducing the recurrence of mood instability. We see people by appointment face-to-face or virtually.

How you can access LIBRA:

We accept referrals via iCope (Improving Access to Psychological Therapy services in Camden and Islington).

We are based at the UCL University Clinic | 6th Floor 1-19 Torrington Place | London | WC1E 7HB

If you have queries about the clinic and the research we do, you can contact Dr Liam Mason, email: Liam.Mason@candi.nhs.uk