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The fastest moving refugee crisis in Europe since the end of World War II is unfolding as a result of the devastating war in Ukraine.

The fastest moving refugee crisis in Europe since the end of World War II is unfolding as a result of the devastating war in Ukraine. As of 14 March, the UN estimates that nearly three million people have already fled the country. Ukrainian universities, along with researchers and students located in the country, are in an extremely vulnerable position. Relatives and friends currently outside the country, including colleagues and students at UCL, are in considerable distress. All are in dire in need of support from the international community. 

UCL is ready to do all we can to help students and staff affected by the conflict, as well as at-risk academic colleagues in Ukraine. We are working on a number of fronts to support those who are directly affected, both within and outside Ukraine. 

UCL's Ukraine Response Fund and Academic Sanctuary Fellowship 

We have established a UCL Ukraine Response Fund to provide us with resources to give lifeline support to students in need by, for example, offering immediate access to assistance grants. The Fund will enable us to respond with urgency and agility as the emergency in Ukraine evolves. It will also help us provide sanctuary at UCL for both established and early-career academics fleeing universities in the country. 

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We are increasing the resources to this important area of work through a further £250,000 of institutional funding, which has already been matched by a philanthropic pledge. Together, this additional £500,000 of investment will enable us to place many more Fellows at UCL through the new scheme.

The fund will help us finance an Academic Sanctuary Fellowship Scheme to support academics being displaced as a result of the crisis in Ukraine following the invasion by the Russian Federation. 

To deliver the scheme, UCL will work in partnership with the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara), with whom the university has a longstanding partnership, to maximise the support. Cara works with UK universities to place academics who are in immediate danger, forced into exile, or the many who choose to continue working in their home countries despite serious risks. More about the scheme, including criteria, eligibility and how to apply (either for yourself or on behalf of someone else) can be found on the UCL Global webpages.

Supporting students impacted by the conflict 

We recognise that some of our students may face financial hardship as a result of the war and we are taking action to support them. 

Students are able to access the UCL Financial Assistance Fund, which gives much needed immediate financial relief to those who may be struggling with living costs or other unplanned financial burdens as a result of the war. For the coming academic year, support options will be put in place both for continuing students and current offer holders from Ukraine. This is likely to prioritise both tuition relief and maintenance support to ensure that as many offer holders as possible are able to join us.  

Current students are also being encouraged to access the university’s wellbeing services in recognition of the trauma they are experiencing. 

More information and details of how to access this support can be found in the Support for UCL Students page. 

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