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Zeiss LSM 800 confocal

Zeiss Axio Scan Z1


  • This confocal is on an inverted fully motorized Zeiss Axio Observer 7 microscope
  • 4 excitation lasers (405, 488, 561 and 640 nm excitation). 
  • 7 line LED source, Colibri 7.
  • 2 channel simultaneous confocal imaging with high sensitivity GaAsP detectors
  • Photometrics Prime BSI monochrome camera for widefield imaging.
  • Stage top incubator for temperature control, with C02
  • Correlative Array Tomography (CAT) module for automated image acquisition of ultrathin sections in widefield. The software module includes image acquisition, the Z-stack alignment and the correlation of the Z-stacks.

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LSM 800 Beampath animation
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