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Microscopes and scanners

This table shows the microscopes available at the Cruciform site, along with their configurations.

More detailed information on all the systems can be found in the tabs to the left.

NameLocationTypeExcitation sourcesDetectorsIncubator / CO2Objective LensesSoftwareNotes
Zeiss LSM800 Confocal2.4Inverted, confocal405, 488, 561, 640 nm; 7-colour LED2x GaAsP PMT,  sCMOS cameraStage top incubator,
10x 0.45 Air
20x 0.8 Air
40x 1.3 Oil
63x 1.4 Oil
Zen Blue 2.6Correlative Array Tomography (CAT) module
Zeiss LSM880 Super-resolution Confocal2.3Inverted, confocal405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 594, 640 nm; HXP lamp2x  PMT, 32x GaAsP array, AiryscanYes, CO210x 0.45 Air
20x 0.8 Air
40x 1.2 Water
40x 1.3 Oil
63x 1.4 Oil
Zen Black 2.3Airyscan detector; FCS module
Zeiss Axio Scan.Z11.2Slide scanner, widefieldBright field; HXP 120 lampsCMOS cameraNo5x 0.25 Air
10x 0.45 Air
20x 0.8 Air
40x 0.95 Air
Zen Blue 3.1100 slide automated imaging
Zeiss Celldiscoverer 72.4Inverted, widefieldBright field; 7-colour LEDssCMOS cameraYes + robot automation with separate incubator5x 0.35 Air
20x 0.7 Air
20x 0.95 Air
50x 1.2 Water
Additional 0.5x /2x magnification for all objectives 
Zen Blue 3.1

Unattended long-term high-resolution imaging

IncuCyte S3


TC room

Inverted, widefieldGreen / Red LEDsCMOS cameraYes4x Air
10x Air
20x Air
IncuCyteUnattended long-term cell monitoring
MesoSPIM Lightsheet2.4Light-sheet  No   
EVOS XL CoreTC roomsInverted, widefieldBright fieldNoneNo4x Air
10x Air
20x Air
NoneCan be placed in TC hood for colony picking etc
Zeiss Axioscope 51.2Upright, widefieldBright field; 4-colour LEDsColour cameraNo

5x 0.16 Air
10x 0.3 Air
20x 0.5 Air
40x 0.75 Air 
63x 1.25 Oil
100x 1.3 Oil

Zeiss Axio Vert.A1


TC room

Inverted, widefieldBright field; 2-colour LEDsMonochrome cameraNo5x 0.15 Air
10x 0.25 Air
20x 0.35 Air
40x 0.55 Air 
Zen Blue 
Zeiss LSM980 Confocal



Inverted, confocal405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 639nm; 4-colour LEDs2x  PMT, 32x GaAsP array, Airyscan 2Yes, CO22.5x 0.1 Air
10x 0.45 Air
20x 0.8 Air
40x 1.3 Oil
63x 1.4 Oil
Zen Blue 3.28 Y Airyscan for 8 line parallel Airyscan imaging
Leica Stellaris 8 tauSTED / FLIM confocal2.3 (office)Inverted, confocal405, 440-790nm White Light Laser, 592 + 775nm STED4x Hybrid HyD detectorsYes, CO22.5x 0.07 Air
20x 0.75 Air
20x 0.75 Multi-immersion
40x 1.3 Oil
93x 1.3 Glycerol
100x 1.4 Oil

tauSTED for low power STED of live cells

FLIM lifetime imaging

Booking the microscopes and scanners

Most of the above microscopes and scanning systems can be booked using the associated Outlook calendar. Contact the microscope manager for more details.