UCL Genetics Institute



Members of the UGI have contributed towards the following software packages:

LDAK – improved SNP-based heritability analysis

Software for investigating the genetic architecture of complex traits and diseases.

Colocalisation of GWAS/eQTL signals to identify shared biological mechanisms

Compares association study p-values (e.g. from testing a biomarker), with liver or brain expression data outputting a posterior probability for a common signal within a region defined by the expression probe (200Kb upstream and downstream from the probe).

bnlearn - Bayesian network learning

An R package for learning the graphical structure of Bayesian networks, estimating their parameters and performing some useful inference

LikeLTD - Evaluation of mixed-source, low-template DNA profiels in forensic science

An R package for computing likelihoods for DNA profile evidence, including complex mixtures and when profiles are subject to dropout.

FastMixedModel - fast inference in linear mixed effects models

Incorporated within the MixABEL R package, within the GenABEL suite of software.

HyperLASSO - Simultaneious analysis of genome-wide SNP data

FREGENE - simulate sequence-like data in large genomic regions and large populations. Released as part of BARGEN (Bioinformatics for the Analysis and Exploitation of Resequenced Genomes).

David Balding has also been involved in the population genetics softwares HapCluster, BayesFST, Mac5 and BATWING