UCL Genetics Institute


MSc Courses run by UCL Genetics Institute

The course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the genetics of human disease and how this can be applied to improve healthcare through the development of diagnostic tests and therapeutic agents. They will also get a strong grounding in cutting edge research methods and techniques used by scientists.

The MSc in Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine designed to  brings together the academic and clinical strengths of pharmacology, molecular biology and genetics at UCL. It provides a comprehensive knowledge  of pharmacology of drugs and understanding the genetic basis of individual variability of drug efficacy and adverse drug reactions and how this knowledge can be applied to improve patients healthcare and alleviate human disease. Students will learn about the approaches taken to study population groups  and develop skills necessary for interpreting genetic data.

The new MSc in Computational and Genomic Medicine is a unique programme in the UK. It aims to provide students with general knowledge of Bioinformatics as well as to equip them with the specialised knowledge and skills required to use post-genomic data for predicting and defining the genetic basis of various human diseases. These allow students to be able to analyse human genomic data to develop innovative diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches. It will provide an integrated view of computational and genomic science research and in-depth knowledge and skills of different research techniques in these fields.