Returning Officer Report & Committee Election Results 2023-24

Date: 19 June 2023

I present this report as appointed Returning Officer for the UCL UCU Branch Election 2023, to provide a summary of the election process.

The Election was conducted from 19 May 2023 to 25 May 2023. The process encompassed nomination submissions and self-nominations, and result declaration.

Candidates were invited to submit their nominations between 19 May 2023 and 25 May 2023, 5:30 pm. Verification of eligibility criteria was carried out for all nominees. All nominations to positions of UCL UCU Branch officers and membership in the Executive Committee were uncontested.

A list of candidates was compiled and shared with the UCL UCU Executive Committee 28 May 2023. One nomination to UCL UCU Branch Pensions Officer and one for membership in the Executive Committee were not accepted due to late and partial confirmation of (self-) nominations by nominating members.

François Guesnet, Returning Officer for the UCL UCU Branch Election 2023

Officer Election Results
  • President - Saladin Meckled-Garcia. UNCONTESTED.  See candidate statement.
  • Joint Vice-Presidents - Holly Smith and Ilektra Athanasia Cristides. UNCONTESTED. See candidate statements.
  • Secretary - Sean Wallis. UNCONTESTED
  • Treasurer - Sean Doyle. UNCONTESTED
  • Assistant Treasurer - Nalini Vittal. UNCONTESTED
  • Equality Officer - Victoria Showunmi. UNCONTESTED
  • Anti-Casualisation Officer - Matteo Tiratelli. UNCONTESTED
  • Communications Officer - no nomination received
  • Health and Safety Officer - Alun Coker. UNCONTESTED
  • Environment Officer - Anca Tacu. UNCONTESTED. See candidate statement.
  • Postgraduate Officer - no nomination received
  • Pensions Officer - nomination not accepted, see Report of the Returning Officer.
Nominations for non-officer committee members TO BE ELECTED AT AGM
  • Louise Acciari
  • Bettina Friedrich
  • Lily Kahn
  • Danielle Lamb
  • Bella Vivat