Departmental Representatives

UCL UCU hopes to have at least one Departmental Representative or contact in every department. If you are in a department, building or section where there is no representative listed below please contact ucu@ucl.ac.uk if you would like to volunteer. 

SLASH: Laws, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical Sciences

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)

French Mr James Agar 34426 j.agar@ucl.ac.uk
Italian Prof John Took 31336 j.took@ucl.ac.uk
Information Studies Dr John Bowman (Honorary Staff) 32479 j.bowman@ucl.ac.uk
Spanish & Latin American Studies Prof Jo Evans 33840 joanna.evans@ucl.ac.uk

School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)

SSEES Dr Tim M Beasley-Murray 28731 t.beasley-murray@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Anthropology Dr Allen L Abramson 28640 a.abramson@ucl.ac.uk
History of Art 

Prof Alison J Wright 54033 alison.wright@ucl.ac.uk
 English Sean Wallis  33120 s.wallis@ucl.ac.uk
 Political Science Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia 24947 s.meckled-garcia@ucl.ac.uk

BEAMS: School of the Built Environment, Engineering and Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences

London Centre for Nanotechnology
Guy Matmon
Physics & Astronomy Dr P K Thomas 020 8238 8877    
Space & Climate Physics
Alan Spencer
01483 204 273
Space & Climate Physics Paul Prior
01483 204 228

Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment

Bartlett School of Architecture Prof Jane Rendell   j.rendell@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett School of Architecture Prof Barbara Penner   b.penner@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett School of Architecture Mollie Claypool   m.claypool@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett School of Architecture Thandiwe Loewenson   t.loewenson@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett School of Architecture Thomas Callan   thomas.callan.16@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett School of Architecture Miranda Critchley
Bartlett School of Planning Ms Lisa Fernand 59547 lisa.fernand@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett School of Planning
Ms Jenny Post


Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Ms Sonja Curtis 53876 s.curtis@ucl.ac.uk
Construction and Project Management Mr Graham Ive 45900 g.ive@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Biochemical Engineering
Dr Samir Aoudjane
Chemical Engineering Prof Eric Fraga 33837 e.fraga@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Prof Paola Lettieri   p.lettieri@ucl.ac.uk
Civil Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Ioanna Ioannou    ioanna.ioannou@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Rodolfo Hermans
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Martin Fry 30274 martin.fry@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Richard Pettinger   r.pettinger@ucl.ac.uk

SLMS: School of Life and Medical Sciences 

Division of Infection and Immunity Helen Donoghue 09153 h.donoghue@ucl.ac.uk
Division of Medicine Dr Alun Coker   alun.coker@ucl.ac.uk
Division of Medicine Eve McLoughlin   e.mcloughlin@ucl.ac.uk
Division of Psychiatry
Danni Lamb
Division of Psychiatry Bella Vivat
Epidemiology & Public Health Dr Annie Britton  45626 a.britton@ucl.ac.uk
Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
Keishia Taylor
Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care Nicola Shelton
Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care Noriko Cable
School of Pharmacy Majella Lane 46245  majella.lane@pharmacy.ac.uk

Professional Services

Student and Registry Services

Academic Services Ms Paula Speller 58283 p.speller@ucl.ac.uk

Estates & Facilities

Ciaran Jebb 59605

Information Services Division (ISD)

ITSD Shared Services Mr. Tony Brown 59865 tony.brown@ucl.ac.uk
ITSD Shared Services Mr. Colin Byelong 59923 c.byelong@ucl.ac.uk
Research IT Services Ms Ilektra-Athanasia Christidi   ilektra.christidi@ucl.ac.uk
ITSD Business Services Mr. David Skyers 59788 d.skyers@ucl.ac.uk
LTMS Digital Presence Mr. Philip Riebold 09259 p.riebold@ucl.ac.uk
LTMS Digital Education Mr. Jim Tyson 65104 j.tyson@ucl.ac.uk
LTMS Digital Education Dr. Mira Vogel 65197 m.vogel@ucl.ac.uk


History of Parliament Trust Dr. Hannes Kleineke hkleineke@histparl.ac.uk