No return to unsafe workplaces; no face-to-face teaching unless educationally necessary

Motion passed 15/09/20

UCL UCU notes:

  1. The General Secretary’s call for all universities to teach online in Term 1 at least.
  2. UCU’s Five Tests* for a safe return to campus.
  3. Official figures record 43,000 deaths from Covid-19. Excess deaths since March 2020 are at least 60,000.
  4. Government calls for a return to workplaces.
  5. Independent SAGE, SAGE and WHO believe social distancing, test, track and isolate and the use of PPE are central to control pandemics. 

UCL UCU Believes:

  1. The General Secretary’s call on universities and colleges is correct.
  2. UCU’s Five Tests have not been met.
  3. The Government's call to return to offices is motivated by business concerns rather than public safety.
  4. A second wave of Covid-19 infections is increasingly likely.

UCL UCU resolves:

  1. To call on members to refuse to carry out face-to-face teaching and/or extra-curricular activities unless educationally necessary, and to work remotely until UCU’s tests have been met.
    Exceptions for face-to-face teaching and other working are where the affected staff judge it absolutely necessary and H&S reps approve arrangements, i.e. to ensure students with additional communication needs are able to participate, or for lessons which strictly require students to be present, such as surgery.
  2. To call on UCU to organise a series of sector-based "No return to unsafe workplace" online meetings.