UCL-UCU: EGM - Motions to Congress & why we need to keep the pressure on

8 March 2023

Calling notice for an Extraordinary General meeting on Tuesday 14 March, 12-1pm

I'm voting Yes!

This message is to invite you to a meeting to:

  1. Vote on motions and elect delegates to the annual UCU Congress, and

  2. Discuss strike action re-starting on Wednesday 15 March.

The meeting is on Tuesday 14 March, at 12.00-13.00 (note the unusual time).

Motions for Congress and Sector Conference

We are entitled to submit 1 motion to Congress on general business, and 2 motions to UCU’s Higher Education Sector Conference for HE-specific matters. All motions must be 150 words or less. 

If you want to propose a motion for the branch to submit, please email ucu@ucl.ac.uk by Sunday 12 March at midnight, so we can circulate your motion on Monday morning. If you have an idea for a motion but are unsure about the wording, note that there are many examples on UCU’s database of motions, and branch officers can also give advice about wording.

UCU Congress 2023 will be held in-person in Glasgow from Saturday 27 May - Monday 29 May 2023. We have 8 places for delegates, and anyone who wishes to be a delegate please email ucu@ucl.ac.uk.  (The deadline for nomination of delegates is 25 April and we will have further General Meetings before then.)

We are making progress, because of your action

As you know, industrial action was paused at the end of February, but the strike dates originally set for March are going ahead starting on the 15 March, Budget Day. See details here about these strike days, strike meetings, and tech-outs. More details to follow.  

We understand that members may have found these changes to the industrial action plan, and the very short notice of them disruptive and disorienting . However, some progress has been made that would not have been achieved without our industrial action, these include:

  • a small movement on pay (1% more for points above 43);

  • some positive public statements by the employers on returning our USS benefits and working with UCU on this;

  • a process of talks on reviewing the national pay spine (which is distinct from a pay settlement), and;

  • a process of talks on measures to address workload, contract types, and pay gaps.

We cannot take the pressure off now

But employers will be looking to see how resolved and committed we are, and that is why it is essential to keep up the pressure by maximising participation in strike action, in visible protests and demonstrations like 15 March, and winning the re-ballot for industrial action in the Summer Term.

The employers have refused to move on pay beyond 5% for next year. In the middle of these ‘good faith talks’ they unilaterally imposed a pay settlement that will further impoverish every member of staff - amounting to a likely 15% cut in pay over two years against RPI unless inflation falls.

We must show the employers that we are resolved to fight for a fair deal for Higher Education and all who work in it. The future of our sector is at stake. 

UCL UCU Executive



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