UCL-UCU: EGM - UCL Job Cuts & Ballot, Thurs 22 Sept 13.00-14.00

20 September 2022

This message is to invite you to attend an all-member Extraordinary General Meeting of the UCL UCU branch scheduled for this Thursday 22 September, 13.00-14.00. Please put this date in your diary!

The focus of the meeting is twofold: the announcement that UCL Senior Management are proposing cuts to faculties, and the industrial action ballot that is currently running.

We also have a motion on strengthening our hardship fund (strike fund) and increasing support for members that take strike action.

Any member of UCL UCU can submit motions or amendments to motions for an EGM under the headings in the Agenda (see below).

Agenda Items

  1. Discussion on proposed cuts to faculties (averaging at 6% of core operational budgets over 4 years, according to the Provost)
  2. Discussion of Ballot for strike action - where we are and getting the vote out
  3. Motion (see below) on strengthening the UCL UCU hardship (strike) fund

UCL UCU Executive Committee



Defend the future of UK higher education

Motion on strengthening the UCL-UCU hardship fund (strike fund) and support for members

UCL UCU notes:

  1. That the cost-of-living crisis and the continual rise in inflation is affecting our members who have faced an average 24% cut in salary over the past twelve years.
  2. That UCL UCU branch have already contributed £50,000 to the central UCU fighting fund and have now been asked to contribute above this amount in recognition of likely strike action in 2022/23.

UCL UCU believes:

  1. That UCL UCU members need reassurance because they are tired and worried that they may not be able to afford to strike due to financial pressures and familial tensions.

UCL UCU resolves:

  1. That the UCL UCU branch should transfer £50,000 from our group account to our hardship account, in preparation to support our members in industrial action.
  2. That, during future strike action, the UCL UCU branch should increase the exceptional hardship payment from £75 to £100.