How to claim from the UCU Fighting Fund and how to offer solidarity

19 February 2020

Two fighting funds are available to support members taking part in the current UCU industrial action.

In advance of making a claim members should ensure they are paying the proper subscriptions (including those in free membership) using MyUCU. Please also read the UCU Fighting Fund application guidance

1) Strike deductions from the first phase (8-day) strike in 2019

 A) National Fighting Fund

  • Deductions from salary are expected in the February payroll run (i.e. this month).
  • If you believe deductions have been made in error, please email UCL payroll in the first instance.
  • Colleagues should first apply to UCU's national Fighting Fund and include a payslip (from MyHR). Hourly paid colleagues without a payslip can provide other evidence (see Appendix 1 below) and submit a claim without further delay.

B) Additional branch support

UCL UCU has agreed to pay the same rate (up to £75 a day for members earning below £30K per year, otherwise up to £50 a day) for all days not covered by the national UCU Fighting Fund. This would be a further payment of 1 or 2 days depending on salary level.

We ask members to first go through the process in (A) above, gathering all necessary evidence. The claim ID issued by the national Fighting Fund can then be used to claim from our local fund, details to follow.

2) Strike deductions for the next phase of strikes

The same procedure will apply for the second phase. The local branch will cover strike deductions for days not covered by the national UCU fund.

We have also agreed an additional supplement of £25 a day for those in specific circumstances of hardship. 

However, at present we have not been told when UCL expects to make deductions from salary, or over what period. In 2018, UCL made deductions over 7 months following the end of the strike.

Fighting fund solidarity

UCL UCU has set aside significant branch funds (£90,000) to cover strike hardship and UCU is launching a national campaign to raise funds. UCU London Region has called a strike solidarity meeting for 25 February.

Colleagues are encouraged to donate to the national Fighting Fund.

UCL UCU Executive Committee

Appendix 1 - note (from the UCU Fighting Fund guidance)

"We recognise that there may be circumstances in which deductions do not show on your pay slip. In these circumstances we suggest that you provide a copy of the relevant pay slip and copies of some or all of the following (this list is not exhaustive): correspondence concerning work to be undertaken at a particular time, your timetable or a letter/email from the College setting out your teaching times, or informing you of cancelled classes etc. We will also need to know the rate of pay which you were to receive for those hours. In addition, please provide a recent pay slip for a period unaffected by strike action. If you do not receive a pay slip for the work you undertake, please provide copies of the evidence sought in the preceding paragraph as well as a copy of a recent invoice you sent the institution/employer for a period in which there was no strike action."