Motions for debate at our Extraordinary General Meeting, 13:00-14:00, Thu 14 Jun

13 June 2018

EGM 14th June
Due to volume of business at our recent Annual General Meeting, we decided to call an additional Extraordinary General Meeting this Thursday 14 June, 13.00-14.00, Gordon Street (25) Maths 505.

Agenda items for this meeting will decide the position our Branch takes towards a number of policy issues troubling staff. We will be considering motions on:

  1. UCL's policing of Tier 4 visas for students and its negative effects;
  2. The detrimental treatment of International (non-EU) Staff by UCL, relating especially to visa cost requirements, compared other universities;
  3. The disruption of UCU Congress by the General Secretary and her supporters walking out and shutting down discussion.

Though we do not normally hold meetings outside term time it is vitally important that the branch takes clear positions on these matters. We look forward to seeing you there.

Motions for debate

Motion 1: International (non-EU) Staff and Detrimental Treatment

Motion 2: Tier 4 Students, Visa Monitoring, and the 'Hostile Immigration Environment'

Motion 3: The Disruption of UCU National Congress and Democracy in the Union

Appendix 1: 5th June Statement of Principles on Tier 4 Visa Monitoring