Sign the petition calling for the resignation of USS CEO Bill Galvin

17 December 2018

The mismanagement of the USS pension scheme led to the largest strike in the history of Higher Education in 2018

Please sign and forward this petition calling for the Chief Executive of USS, Mr Bill Galvin, to resign.

USS has been consulting on USS proposals to increase contributions from employers and employees by approximately 40% - for the same benefits. This is a huge tax on us (a pay cut of 3.7%) and the employers.

Increasing contributions by such a margin will undermine USS, making it unaffordable for many and much lower value than alternatives. It will thus be used to pressure colleagues to accept a "100% Defined Contribution" proposal (a risky stock market portfolio where staff take all the risk). 

Tens of thousands of UCU members took 14 days of strike action in March precisely to stop this very imposition of 100% DC.

An emerging consensus recognises that these increased contributions are wholly unnecessary. 

But USS management are not currently listening. Led by Bill Galvin, USS CEO, they are now trying to stop the implementation of the JEP report - let alone accept Sam Marsh's correction to Test 1. They are trying to shrug aside all criticism, including the conclusions of the Joint Expert Panel

It is clear that Bill Galvin cannot be trusted to manage our pensions. 

He has to go. 

Please sign this petition, and ask others to do so.