NEC Elections 2023-24

The NEC is responsible for conducting the union's business between Congress meetings (UCU's supreme policy-making body).

Full information about the Trustee, Officer and National Executive Committee (NEC) elections, including the ballot period, is available here. You can also read the guidance notes.

The postal ballot, which excludes student members, opened on DATE and will close at noon on DATE. Please look out for an A4 envelope with a “CES” logo in the top left corner (a minority will receive their mailing at work - you can request a replacement ballot if you cannot travel to work).

Top left hand corner of UCU ballot envelope

If you have not received the ballot please request a replacement ballot using the online form. The last day for replacement ballot enquiries is DATE.

The last safe date for posting is DATE. The ballots close at noon on DATE.

As this is a Single Transferable Vote ballot, please do not mark the ballot paper with a cross. The ballot paper has further detailed instructions on how to vote.

You can watch a video of the vice president election hustings here including election addresses from all candidates and their answers to your questions.

Election candidates can ask individual UCU branches to circulate election material. Rather than circulating a series of emails, we have collected material below from those that have written to UCL UCU. The full list of candidates can be found here and in the ballot mailing.

Candidates that have supplied statements to UCL UCU

Vice President (becoming president in 2025-26)




Representatives of Women Members Higher Education


Representative of Migrant Members (Casual Vacancy)


NEC Members, Higher Education London and the East


UK-elected NEC Members, Higher Education