SEMINAR 15th May: Charlene Jennett and Sheila Pontis

13 May 2013

Wednesday 15th May 2013 at 4pm in Room 110, Roberts building

This week we have two-post docs from UCLIC presenting, Charlene Jennett and Sheila Pontis.

Creativity in Citizen Cyber-Science: All for One and One for All (Charlene Jennett)

We interviewed researchers and volunteers about their experiences of creativity in citizen cyber-science (CCS). Our preliminary results reveal two types of creativity – imaginative self-expression and solving project problems. We conclude that a good project community is important for encouraging creativity in CCS.

Expertise and insight in identifying current and future leaders: an exploratory study on the “Nobel Laureates” problem (Sheila Pontis)

The design of effective tools to support the way decisions are made and information is explored is tightly related to understanding users’ needs and behaviours. User studies are required to identify relevant aspects to
inform that design process. This presentation will present findings obtained from the initial user study designed for the Nobel Laureates (NL) problem to elicit insights on how a particular group of analysts (i.e. academics from different levels of seniority) interact with information (i.e. familiar and unfamiliar literature domains) and identify future thought leaders in their communities. Insights from this study will provide a framework to guide the design of the development of a visual analytics tool for analysts.

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