SEMINAR 22nd Jan: Emanuela Marchetti - Experiencing Historical Processes: Museum learning practice and digital technologies

21 January 2014

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Emanuela Marchetti from the Aalborg University, Denmark. 

In order to investigate the role of digital technologies within the ongoing process of organisational shift in museums, a participatory inquiry was conducted involving two historical museums: The Transport Museum in Coventry (UK) and the Viking Museum in Ribe (DK). Based on literature review and data from a qualitative field study it emerged that local museums rely on low-tech/traditional installations as museum practitioners are skeptical about the role of technologies within museum learning practice. In order to investigate these issues, a 1-year long participatory design process involving about 25 children from an after-school institution in Oksboel and museum practitioners from Ribe. As a result a new installation called MicroCulture was designed, with the goal of enriching learning of history during guided tours. Final evaluations with children and museum practitioners show that digital technologies within museum could mediate work as a boundary object supporting communication between guides and children during guided tours, but also bridging museums to other organisations in order to create a  favourable  network  in the surrounding community.

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