SEMINAR 20th Nov: Mark Perry - AutoMedia: family life, interaction and media use in the car

19 November 2013

Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 3pm in B32, Gordon Square (26)

Mark Perry from Brunel University

The presentation examines how family and home life is constituted in the car, with a particular emphasis on exploring the role and use of media. The family car is a fertile environment for developing digital technologies to support driving but presents a novel site for designing human-computer interactions. Road journeys can be both stressful and enjoyable experiences, while developments in in-car media offer the potential to alleviate some of these stresses and enhance the enjoyment of travel. The role of the car in transportation and its social and physical configuration makes this setting particularly challenging as a design space. To design appropriate media, we need to understand how families inhabit their cars and the routines of social interaction that occur within them. This talk will explore the car as a setting for media use in family life in developing insights for the future design of family-oriented, car-based media that are empirically grounded in examples of use.

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