SEMINAR 30th October: James Eagan - Making Software Softer: Enriching the Human-Software Interface

28 October 2013

 Wednesday 30th October 2013 at 3pm in B32, Gordon Square (26)

Making Software Softer: Enriching the Human-Software Interface

Software is designed with a particular model in mind of how it will be used.  But what happens when that model doesn't perfectly align with an individual user's needs?  In this talk, I present my work on Runtime Toolkit Overloading, an approach that allows third-party software developers to modify the interaction and behavior of existing software applications without access to their underlying source code.  I will present abstractions provided by this approach as well as mechanisms for implementing them in existing environments.  I will demonstrate Scotty, a prototype implementation for Mac OS X Cocoa.  I will further discuss the longer-term goals of this work, with a view toward making software more malleable for end-users.  Finally, I will conclude with an overview of the complementary research conducted at Télécom ParisTech on interaction techniques for off-the-desktop environments.

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