SEMINAR 5th Feb: Connie Golsteijn - Integrating physical and digital craft in hybrid craft practice

3 February 2014

Wednesday 5th February 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Our seminar speaker this week is Connie Golsteijn from the University of Surrey.

 Nowadays people engage in a diverse range of making practices in their everyday lives: they create decorations for their homes, hack IKEA furniture, make photo collages, or create their own personal websites. These practices take place in both physical and digital realms and both are prevalent forms of everyday craft. However, physical and digital craft practices have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The interaction design PhD research that will be presented in this seminar has investigated in what aspects these practices differ and in what aspects they are similar, through a multidisciplinary interview study with physical and digital crafters. This increased understanding in physical and digital craft was consequently used to explore the intersection where these two can come together into ‘hybrid’ craft forms, in which physical and digital materials, tools, and techniques are combined. Possibilities for a hybrid craft practice were explored through the design and implementation of a craft set called ‘Materialise’, which allowed people to craft physical creations around their digital media using a set of interactive building blocks. Based on insights around existing physical and digital craft practices, and an evaluation of hybrid craft practice with Materialise, a vision on hybrid craft will be presented, alongside guidelines for interaction design to support this practice.

Bio: Connie Golsteijn is currently finishing her interaction design PhD into hybrid craft at the Digital World Research Centre at the University of Surrey in Guildford. This Microsoft Research sponsored PhD is a collaboration of the Digital World Research Centre with Eindhoven University of Technology, and is supervised by prof David Frohlich (Surrey), Dr Elise van den Hoven (Eindhoven) and Dr Abigail Sellen (Microsoft). Before coming to the UK, Connie did a BSc and MSc in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, where she developed an interest in qualitative user-centred design and research-through-design.
More information can be found on: http://www.conniegolsteijn.com

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