MSc Projects awarded Distinction

The MSc Project Reports we have included here all received Distinction grades, so they are all examples of a good overall standard of MSc work.  However, because they are produced for the MSc assessment, they are not perfect, either in content or in presentation, and they may even contain minor errors.  None of them was awarded 100%!


Basia, Maria Manipulation of self-produced footsep sounds: Influcences on the perception of one's own body weight, motor behavior and emotions. PDF (3,706KB)
Cary, Lesley Exploring a language of gestures and emotional responses to textiles. PDF (4,907 KB)
Felipe, Sergio
Exploring the Potential of Personal Informatics Systems for the Management of Chronic Pain. PDF (2,674 KB)
Hou, Tsung-Yu
In-the-wild Study Comparing How Pedestrians Use Mobile Phone Map App versus Paper Maps. PDF (5,234 KB)
Laurie, James Understanding User Behaviour and User Experience of a Mental Wellbeing Mobile Application: A Semi-Structured Interview Study. PDF (1,175 KB)
Nicolaides, Robert Understanding human values in banking technology. PDF (981 KB)
Panagopolous, Elli Social Media Use in Crisis Events: A qualitative Study. PDF (2,286 KB)
Patel, Misha In Situ Study of Contextual Factors Influencing Use and Non-Use of Technology in the Gym. PDF (971 KB)
Streets, Samantha Is there a one size fits all for module health? Investigating applications to support diabetes self-care. PDF (1,030 KB)
Zhang, Jining
Venturing into the home for assistive technology design: Exploring the home geography of people with chronic pain to investigate needs and barriers surrounding situated physical activity. PDF (3,072 KB)
Zhuang, Hongbin Was I productive? Examining the reliability of the Quantified Self Technology. PDF (1,471 KB)


Avakian, Ara Understanding co-located collaborative gaming: players strategies and breakthroughs. PDF (1.45 MB)
Chircop, Luke Exploring the Command Space of Diver-Robot Interaction in a Virtual Environment. PDF (4.45 MB)
Du Toit, Helena Working while watching TV, is it really work?: The impact of media multitasking on stress and performance. PDF (2.69 MB)
Furfaro, Enrico Tapping on virtual and real surfaces: Effects of sonic interaction on hand movements and emotions. PDF (1.71 MB)
Garde, Jesper Closer? Exploring a smart domestic technology to support interpersonal connectedness over distance. PDF (14.9 MB)
 Golriz, Bardi Replying to Emails – Studying the Inbox-level Cues that Facilitate the Prioritisation of Email Replies. PDF (2.09 MB)
Jia, Jinni The Effect of Body Movement Auditory Feedback on People's Physical Activity: Self-efficacy, Motivation and Performance. PDF (1.17MB)
 Liu, Bin Behavioral, emotional and perceived material changes evoked by auditory cues in surface interaction. PDF (1.73 MB)
Papalamprou, Stefanos Less is more: Increasing player immersion through diegesis in First-Person Shooters. PDF (1.05 MB)
Summerfield, Joanne Four studies of participation in biodiversity: Understanding the design requirements for novice and expert citizen scientists. PDF (3.43 MB)
Temir, Elizaveta User experience of mobile physical activity applications: contextual, motivational and experiential factors. PDF (1.15 MB)
 Therias, Emeline "Mas tecnologia, mas cambio"? Investigating educational technology implementation projects in rural Peru. PDF (2.87 MB)
Williams, Alison King of the Mountain: A Rapid Ethnography of Strava Cycling. PDF (843 KB)
 Yu, Runqi The effects of power postures on self-efficacy in physical exercise. PDF (9.15 MB)


Akpan, Imeh
Eleven studies investigating the co-dependence of physicalstructure, social context and current activities on engagement with a situated installation.
PDF (12,029 KB)
Azille, Ian
Extending a distributed cognition framework for rapid multi-site studies: an investigation of CCTV systems in the school context.
PDF (2,526 KB)
Banks, Morgan
Collocated Multiplayer games and social interaction
PDF (1,309 KB)
Cui, Bing
Appropriate map scale - How much detail should be represented on a Kindle leisure map?
PDF (1,959 KB)
Eftychiou, Alexandros
The effect of display type on the task of marine collision avoidance
PDF (656 KB)
Harrison, Daniel
Design and evaluation of a system to motivate physical activity in office workers
PDF (17,071 KB)
Hennessy, Orla
Can task performance be improved by adapting number entry interfaces to fit the task?
PDF (2,776 KB)
Herbert, Terri
The joy is in the journey: evaluation of the group experience with the Compass Card Programme at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
PDF (19,357 KB)
Kennedy, Richard
The Influence of Diegesis on Immersion in First-person Shooter Games
PDF (1,658KB)
Kirmani, Afshan
Mobile Social Group Collaboration in Close Proximity
PDF (1,048 KB)
Knoll, Thomas
Investigating Game Strategies: How Casual and Hardcore Players Overcome Breakdowns
PDF (848 KB)
Le Clainche, Nicolas
The role of social media when customers decide to purchase telecommunications products and services: the influence of the post initiator on conversations topics and sentiment across telecommunications brands Facebook pages in the UK.
PDF (6,284 KB)

Maninis, Georgios
What is required to determine a useful tag collection? A qualitative study fo social tagging behaviour on radio broadcasts.
PDF (1,947 KB)
McLoughlin, Ciaran
HaHa…Ha? Investigating the affective communication properties of body movement during laughter.
PDF (3,175 KB)
Patsoule, Evgenia-Eleni
Interactions around a multi-touch tabletop: A rapid ethnographic study in a museum.
PDF (4,353 KB)
Pigelet, Numa
Where was I and what was I doing? The impact of interface elements and information access cost on task behaviour and resumption
PDF (680 KB)
Qi, Jianchuan
Laughter perception with haptic stimulation
PDF (9,951 KB)

Slade, Annabel Perceptions of personalised TV: Exploring interactivity preferences to enhance the user experience on the second screen. PDF (1,307 KB)
Stawarz, Katarzyna An Ergonomic Evaluation of the Potential Impact of Touch-Screen Tablets on Office Workers
PDF (12,997 KB)
Tsang, Chi Chung Body Movements in embodied gaming: exploring the effects of Jerky Movements on affective states in different gaming context PDF (2,118 KB)
Ye, Chaoyu Evaluation of effect by shadow on depth perception of where UAV is located
PDF (2,400 KB)
Zhuang, Susan Conceptualising the lived experience of digital identities towards Federated eGovernment Identity Management
PDF (544 KB)


Alakoskela, Mirjami
Investigating the Effects of Pain Priming and Cognitive Distraction on Walking of Lower Back Pain Sufferers by Motion Capture PDF (978 KB)
Benker, Janine
Incremental Analysis of Affective Evaluation Methods in the Context of Industrial Requirements

PDF (4,782 KB)
Conti, Nicolette
Smartphone Tailored Advertising: Understanding Consumer Perceptions
PDF (1,591 KB)
Dimitropoulos, Loukas
GrIDsure: Effects of background images on pattern choice, usability and memorability

PDF (1,429 KB)
Gant, Frances
Behind closed doors – a distributed cognition study of infusion pump use in round-the-clock haematology treatment

PDF (2,471 KB)
Geali, Yuki
Route planning on leisure maps – how do paper and online maps affect task performance?

PDF (3,499 KB)
Hughes, Lucy
Crowdsourcing an emotional wardrobe
PDF (3,477 KB)
Jones, Stuart
Snookered by an interruption? Use a cue: The effect of visual hints on post-interruption accuracy and performance during routine procedural tasks

PDF (3,007 KB)
Kuang, Hsin-Ying
The relation between personality, immersion experience and narrative games

PDF (607 KB)
Lee-Corbin, Alexandra
Distorted Reality: Augmented Reality-induced Immersion and its Effect on Situational Awareness PDF (773 KB)
Martonjak, Liina
How does sound affect user experience when handling digital fabrics using a touchscreen device?

PDF (11,143 KB)
Regan, David
Comparing the use of an interactive visualisation tool and static tabular data as cognitive artefacts in a sensemaking task

PDF (2,266 KB)

Swann-Sternberg, Talia
Interactive Technology to Support Physical Activity in Chronic Pain Self-Management: An Investigation of User Needs

PDF (5,355 KB)
Timurtas, Dicle
Can an Integration of Soft Systems Methodology & the ETHICS Framework enhance Socio-technical Systems Design in Large and Complex Organizations? : An Action Research Study on Two NHS Pathways and their Design Strategies

PDF (11,478 KB)
Walsh, Shane
Movement and Emotion: Considering the Effects of Gesture Types on the Gaming Experience

PDF (1,251 KB)
Wood, Alistair
Assessing the perception of motion capture technology in exergames
PDF (925 KB)
Xu, Tianbo
How to Mitigate Resumption Errors in a Procedural Routine after an Interruption: An Investigation into the Speed-Accuracy Trade-offs effect on Task Resumption Performance

PDF (1,018 KB)


Cheung, Doug Text message while driving: its effects on driving performance and text PDF (403 KB)
Cottrell, Rebecca User-Centred Identity Management: Evaluating the Role of the Browser PDF (1,559 KB)
Dantonio, Laura Reciprocity and Investiment: the role of Social Media in fostering Serendipity. PDF (6,163 KB)
Davies, Samantha E-mails on the move: do performance objectives influence modality choice whilst driving? PDF (679 KB)
Farmer, George Optimal performance in multitasking PDF (1,050 KB)
Fernandes, Byron Knowing what you are looking for changes how you search: an eye-tracking study into the effect of task description and item density on visual search performance and strategy PDF (1,385 KB)
Georgiou, Andrew A study of the information use behaviours of local government workers leading to design recommendation for a novel system. PDF (1,096 KB)
Heredia Nieda, Melissa Conceptualization and development of a tool to support standards-based user interface evaluations. PDF (1,841 KB)
Khan, Mohammed  Immersion in games: the effect of thinking styles and promoting a user-centred research approach. PDF (913 KB)
Kirlappos, Iacovos To risk or not to risk?: a usability study testing the efficacy of the solid security indicator. PDF (1,318 KB)
Loughlin, David Interfaces for musical expression: the importance of musical context in parameter mapping research. PDF (2,448 KB)
Lee-Corbin, Alexandra
Distorted Reality: Augmented Reality-induced Immersion and its Effect on
PDF (773 KB)
Martin, Hayley How social context affects levels of immersion: Does physical presence matter? PDF (160 KB)
Nijhar, Jasmir Assessing the impact of movement recognition precision in controllers on the gaming experience in extertion games. PDF (2,170 KB)
O'Connor, Liam Workarounds in accident and emergency & intensive therapy departments: resilience, creation and consequences. PDF (719 KB)
Polyviou, Ariana The impact of interference and frequency of use on the performance of three authentication mechanisms PDF (1,904 KB)
Rajkomar, Atish Extending distributed cognition analysis for complex work settings: a case study of infusion pumps in the intensive care unit. PDF (7,982 KB)
Santafe Fondevilla, Isabel Everyday Ubicomp: towards a paperless journey? PDF (11,754 KB)
Searle, Jonathan Decision design: exploring design decisions within human-centered design and architecture PDF (2,049 KB)
Sinn, April Roles and goals: how different learning strategies impact what is learnt. PDF (832 KB)
Theodorou, Efstratios Let the gamers do the talking: a comparative study of two usability testing methods for video games. PDF (689 KB)
Rebecca, Tindle Frequent discretionary task switching: preferential allocation of time or limited cognitive control? PDF (1,734 KB)
Werth, Julia Mutually towards best practice: exploring medical equipment libraries to inform dicot and vice versa. PDF (3,691 KB)
Wu, Di Capturing and representing emotional responses to fabrics PDF (13,057 KB)


Alsheikh, Tamara The use of Communication Technology by Arab Couples who are in Long Distance Relationships PDF (1.1 MB)
Chew, Boon An investigation of domestic image search PDF (2.2 MB)

Del Rosario, Nina

Reasons to switch: The Effects of Priority and Information Presentation on Dual-Task Interleaving Strategies PDF (715KB)

Ellis, Stephanie

Lawyers' monitoring and the selection of current awareness resources PDF (515KB

King, Ashton

Goalchase: A motivation-driven design and evaluation framework for interactive systems PDF (2.2MB)

Mitchell, Helen

Towards an Assistive Technology to Support Chronic Pain Self-Management: Designing for Adoption and Adherence PDF (3MB)

Moore, Lisa

At your leisure: Assessing ebook reader functionality and interactivity PDF (2.1MB)

Mulligan, Jan

Does attitude affect risk? PDF (1.7MB)

Ooi, Yee

Can CASSM bridge the gap between InfoVis and the user? PDF (1.3MB)

Parnell, Mark

Playing with scales: Creating a measurement scale to assess the experience of video games PDF (1.3MB)

Protano, Mara

The use and appropriation of in-car satellite navigation system PDF (520KB)

Tarling, Katherine

The effect of page layout and expectations on visual search. Do people adapt search strategy to make best use of page layout design? PDF (308KB)


Kollmann, Johanna Designing the user experience in an agile context PDF (1.8 MB)
O'Connor, Rachel Application of a user-centred approach to needs elicitation for chronic pain self-management support PDF (1.8 MB), apps
Pagnacco, Francesca Overt and tacit sense-making for time-restricted decisions in railway control PDF (1.8 MB)
Tam, Phyllis UrbanBuzz: Evaluation of a niche professional social networking site PDF (1.8 MB)
Webb, Philip Extending a distributed cognition framework: The evolution and social organisation of line control PDF (1.8 MB)


Atkinson, Elizabeth Web analytics and think aloud studies in web evaluation: understanding user experience PDF (1.3 MB)
Boguslawski, Gemma Body movement, social interaction and engagement in video game play: it's a different game all together PDF (4.9 MB)
Ferrai, Daniela An investigation on the relationships between immersion, body movements and extraversion in computer games play PDF (3.2 MB)
Ho, Jeffrey Online product search behaviour of experienced and new users of E-Commerce Site PDF (5.8 MB)
Ioannidis, Antonios Do you read me? An investigation into how expert users respond to dialogue boxes PDF (660 MB)
Kelley, Kimberley An exploration of internal cues to reduce omission errors in a procedural task PDF (1.3 MB)
Klingenfus, Xavier Evaluation of a novel interface for browsing lists PDF (744 KB) & appendices (244 KB)
Theuma, Matthew Evaluating the aesthetics of websites: using materials analysis and visual design heuristics PDF (1.1 MB)


Baxevanis, Alexandros The journey of a digital photograph: usability in the digital photography workflow PDF (8.5 MB)

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