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Why We Post

Why do we post on social media? Is it true that we are replacing face-to-face relationships with on-screen life? Are we becoming more narcissistic with the rise of selfies? Does social media create or suppress political action, destroy privacy or become the only way to sell something? And are these claims equally true for a factory worker in China and an IT professional in India? With these questions in mind, nine anthropologists each spent 15 months living in communities in China, Brazil, Turkey, Chile, India, England, Italy and Trinidad. They studied not only platforms but the content of social media to understand both why we post and the consequences of social media on our lives. Their findings indicate that social media is more than communication – it is also a place where we now live. For more information on the project, visit ucl.ac.uk/why-we-post

This series explores and compares the results in a collection of ground-breaking and accessible ethnographic studies. As with all UCL Press titles, they will be available as free PDF downloads, and a in low-cost print.

Recently Published

How the World Changed Social Media

How the World Changed Social Media

 A summary of the findings of ethnographic research undertaken in eight countries around the world.

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Social Media in Emergent Brazil Cover

Social Media in Emergent Brazil

Groundbreaking ethnographic study that examines why social media low income Brazilians have invested so much of their time and money in learning about social media.

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Social Media in South India Cover

Social Media in South India

Absorbing ethnographic study by Shriram Venkatraman that examines social media use in Tamil Nadu, South India. 

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Titles in the Why We Post series include: