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Housing- Critical Futures

Series Editor / Executive Editor, Architecture_MPS: Dr Graham Cairns, Honorary Senior Research Associate, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

The Housing – Critical Futures book series confronts a critical issue at a critical time. In London, a leading capital of global finance, there is a chronic shortage of affordable housing for those that service ‘the service’ sector. In Bejing, capital of the 21st century’s political powerhouse, the displacement of long-standing communities is a daily occurrence. In Mumbai, the biggest health risk faced by the city today has been identified as overcrowded housing, while in São Paulo, football’s recent 2014 World Cup took place against a backdrop of community unrest and the chronic living conditions of the poor. The private sector, the state and residents themselves are searching for solutions. Whether housing refugees in conflict areas, providing safe water to the households in the developing world, or ensuring key workers can live in the cities they support in the West, the question of housing is not only global, but critical

It is against the background of disparate policy interventions, resistances, design proposals, planning initiatives and community conflicts that surround housing in this multi-faceted global context that this series makes a stand. Reflecting the belief that housing and its social implications are not discipline-specific concerns, this series sets themes that invite cross-disciplinary, creative, and critical thinking from those engaging in research and activism from multiple fields. The aim is to instigate provocative debate, consider problems, and propose potential solutions. To that end, it brings together architects, planners, sociologists, economists, geographers, political activists and housing professionals around a series of themes that manifest themselves differently, in different contexts.

Call for Submissions

First book in the series: “From conflict to inclusion in housing –perspectives on the interaction of communities, residents and activists with the politics of the home”.

Materials for this book are being collated through a UK series of conferences in the first instance.  Abstract submissions to the first of these, entitled “Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery” are open until May 30th 2016. Event dates: 08-09th September, 2016

Academics interested in the book series are asked to submit to the conference to start the review process. 

Send submissions through contact details on this page:


Details on subsequent books and submission procedures to be announced.