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Negley Harte, John North and Georgina Brewis | June 2018

Format: 240x170mm 
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ISBN: 978‑1‑78735‑293‑3
ISBN: 978‑1‑78735‑294‑0
Pages: 352

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About the book

From its foundation in 1826, UCL embraced a progressive and pioneering spirit. It was the first university in England to admit students regardless of religion, and made higher education affordable and accessible to a much broader section of society. It was also effectively the first university to welcome women on equal terms with men. From the outset, UCL showed a commitment to innovative ideas and new methods of teaching and research.

This book charts the history of UCL from 1826 through to the present day, highlighting its many contributions to society in Britain and around the world. It covers the expansion of the university through the growth in student numbers and institutional mergers. It documents shifts in governance throughout the years, and the changing social and economic context in which UCL operated, including challenging periods of reconstruction after two World Wars.

Today UCL is one of the powerhouses of research and teaching, and a truly global university. It is currently seventh in the QS World University Rankings. This completely revised and updated edition features a new chapter based on interviews with key individuals at UCL. It comes at a time of ambitious development for UCL with the establishment of an entirely new campus in East London, UCL East, and Provost Michael Arthur’s ‘UCL 2034’ strategy which aims to secure the university’s long-term future and commits UCL to delivering global impact.

About the authors

Georgina Brewis is Senior Lecturer in the History of Education at the UCL Institute of Education and a member of the International Centre for Historical Research in Education (ICHRE). Negley Harte is Emeritus Senior Lecturer of History at UCL. John North was appointed Assistant Lecturer in UCL’s Department of History in 1963, where he taught Greek and Roman History for 40 years. Since 2003, he has been Emeritus Professor of History.