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Suburban Urbanities: Suburbs and the Life of the High Street

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Edited by Laura Vaughan | November 2015

Format 234 x 156mm 
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ISBN 978-1-910634-17-2
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ISBN: 978-1-910634-15-8
Pages: 380

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Suburban space has traditionally been understood as a formless remnant of physical city expansion, without a dynamic or logic of its own. Suburban Urbanities challenges this view by defining the suburb as a temporally evolving feature of urban growth.

Anchored in the architectural research discipline of space syntax, this book offers a comprehensive understanding of urban change, touching on the history of the suburb as well as its current development challenges, with a particular focus on suburban centres. Studies of the high street as a centre for social, economic and cultural exchange provide evidence for its critical role in sustaining local centres over time. Contributors from the architecture, urban design, geography, history and anthropology disciplines examine cases spanning Europe and around the Mediterranean.

By linking large-scale city mapping, urban design scale expositions of high street activity and local-scale ethnographies, the book underscores the need to consider suburban space on its own terms as a specific and complex field of social practice

Laura Vaughan is Professor of Urban Form and Society at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. In addition to her longstanding research into London’s suburban evolution, she has written on many other critical aspects of urbanism today.

Introduction Suburbs are as Old as the City Itself | Part A: Theoretical Preliminaries The Suburb and the City | The High Street as Morphological Event | Part B: Suburban Centralities Suburban Continuity and Change | Spatial Memory and Shifting Centrality | Street Quality, Street Life, Street Centrality | Beyond Lively Streets | Part C: High Street Diversity High Street Diversity | High Street Transactions and Interactions | Case Study: High Street Productivity |Case Study: High Streets and the Pedestrian Realm | Part D: Everyday Sociability Street Interaction and Social Inclusion | Sociability and Ethnic Identity | Being Suburban

Huyam Abudib; Mayte Arnaiz;  Meta Berghauser Pont; Nadia Charalambous; Ashley Dhanani; Ilaria Geddes; Sam Griffiths; Muki Haklay; David Jeevendrampillai; Ann Legeby; Lars Marcus; Moshe Margalith; Garyfalia Palaiologou; Angela Piragauta; Sergio Porta; Adel M. Remali; Yodan Rofè; Ombretta Romice; Borja Ruiz-Apilánez; Fiona Scott; José M. de Ureña; Laura Vaughan; Ahuva Windsor; Galit Yerushalmi