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A Conversation about Healthy Eating

A Conversation about Healthy Eating
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Nicholas A. Lesica | July 2017

Format: 234 x 156mm
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ISBN: 978-1-911576-75-4
ISBN: 978-1-911576-77-8
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Pages: 226

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About the book

What constitutes a healthy diet? Mainstream media and advertisers would like you to think that the answer to this question is complicated and controversial. But science, fortunately, tells us otherwise.

A Conversation about Healthy Eating is the first book to bring together all the science that is relevant to healthy eating in one place, and it’s exactly that – a conversation. This in-depth analysis leads to the simple conclusion that the specifics of what you eat don’t actually matter; staying lean and healthy simply requires avoiding the overconsumption of processed foods. While that is, of course, easier said than done, science also provides clear recommendations for how you can adapt your environment and lifestyle to make it possible.

 Rather than simply presenting you with the principles of healthy eating, this book will help you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the science behind the principles. This understanding will allow you to ignore the noise in the media and to move forward with a healthy diet and lifestyle that work for you.

About the author

Nicholas A. Lesica is Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow at UCL. He is a neuroscientist with an active research program dedicated to understanding how the brain processes sensory information. He received his undergraduate degree from MIT and his PhD from Harvard. After finishing his studies, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Japan and Germany. During his research career, he has led dozens of scientific studies and published numerous journal articles.