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Comm. ULO No. 1–79

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Comm. ULO 1
A. Beer and C. C. L. Gregory
Observed Photographic Magnitudes of the Super-nova 145*1937 Persei in NGC 1003.
M.N., 98, 216, 1938.

Comm. ULO 2 
P. C. Chaudhuri
The Photographic Proper Motions of Stars belonging to the Cluster Praesepe from plates taken with the Radcliffe telescope.
M.N., 100, 378, 1940.

Comm. ULO 3 
E. M. Peachey
Some Recent Changes in the Spectrum of γ Cassiopeiae.
M.N., 102, 166, 1942.

Comm. ULO 4 
C. C. L. Gregory and E. M. Peachey
The Spectrum of T Coronae Borealis on 1946 February 11.
M.N., 109, 135, 1946.

Comm. ULO 5 
Stellar Parallaxes determined at the University of London Observatory, Mill Hill
M.N., 109, 478, 1949.

Comm. ULO 6 
E. M. Burbidge and G. R. Burbidge
Hydrogen and Helium Lines Intensities in some Be Stars
Ap. J., 113, 84, 1951.

Comm. ULO 7 
Stellar Parallaxes determined at the University of London Observatory, Mill Hill (Second List).
M.N., 110, 618, 1950.

Comm. ULO 8 
E. M. Burbidge, G. R. Burbidge and S. K. Wang
Rapid Changes in Line Intensities in the Spectrum of Gamma Cassiopeiae.
Ap. J., 115, 66, 1952.

Comm. ULO 9 
C. W. Allen
A System of Quantitative Astronomical Observations
Vistas in Astronomy, 1, 149, 1955.

Comm. ULO 10 
R. H. Garstang
The Calculation of Atomic transition Probabilities
Vistas in Astronomy, 1, 268, 1955.

Comm. ULO 11 
C. W. Allen
World-Wide Diurnal Variations in the F2 region
J. Atmos. Terr. Phys, 4, 53, 1953.

Comm. ULO 12 
K. R. W. Brewer
HD 50169, A Spectrum Variable with Emission at Hα
Ap. J., 118, 265, 1953.

Comm. ULO 13 
C. W. Allen
The Physical Condition of the Solar Corona
Reports on Progress in Physics, 17, 135, 1954.

Comm. ULO 14 
V. C. Reddish
Stellar Evolution
The Observatory, 74, 68, 1954.

Comm. ULO 15 
P. A. Sweet
The Structure of Sunspots
Vistas in Astronomy, 1, 675, 1955.

Comm. ULO 16 
R. H. Garstang
Intermediate Coupling Line Strengths
M.N., 114, 118, 1954.

Comm. ULO 17 
C. W. Allen
Whole-Sky Statistics of Celestial Objects
M.N., 114, 387, 1954.

Comm. ULO 18 
P. A. Sweet
Field Reversal in Magnetic Variable Stars
M.N., 114, 549, 1954.

Comm. ULO 19 
R. H. Garstang
Stellar Populations
J. Brit. Astron. Ass., 65, 122, 1955.

Comm. ULO 20 
V. C. Reddish
Colour-Magnitude Arrays in the Clusters Tombaugh 5, NGC 7789, NGC 1528 and NGC 2682
M.N., 114, 583, 1954.

Comm. ULO 21 
V. C. Reddish
The Masses of the Stars of Population II
M.N., 115, 32, 1955.

Comm. ULO 22 
R. H. Garstang
The Effect of Configuration Interaction on Forbidden Line Strengths
Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc, 52, 107, 1956.

Comm. ULO 23 
C. W. Allen and A. S. Asaad
Atomic Oscillator Strengths and Excitation Potentials
M.N., 115, 571, 1955.

Comm. ULO 24 
C. W. Allen
Solar Sources of the Ionospheric Regions
Solar Eclipses and the Ionosphere, 150, 1956.

Comm. ULO 25 
C. W. Allen
Influence of Solar Atomic Emission on the Orbits of Interplanetary Particles
The Observatory, 76, 101, 1956.

Comm. ULO 26 
R. H. Garstang
The Computation of Quadrupole Line Strengths
Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc, 53, 214, 1957.

Comm. ULO 27 
C. W. Allen
The Quiet and Active Sun
Radio Astronomy, IAU Symposium No. 4, 253, 1957.

Comm. ULO 28 
P. A. Sweet
The Production of High Energy Particles in Solar Flares
Supp. II Nuovo Cimento, 8, Ser. 10, 188, 1958.

Comm. ULO 29 
W. R. Piggot and C. W. Allen
Observational Aspects of Solar Corpuscular Radiation
9th Report, Commission on Solar-Terrestrial Relations, p. 77, 1957.

Comm. ULO 30 
P. A. Sweet
The Neutral Point Theory of Solar Flares
Electromagnetic Phenomena in Cosmical Physics, IAU Symposium No. 6, p. 123, 1958.

Comm. ULO 31 
P. A. Sweet
Magneto-hydrostatic Equilibrium in an External Magnetic Field
Electromagnetic Phenomena in Cosmical Physics, IAU Symposium No. 6, p. 499, 1958.

Comm. ULO 32 
R. H. Garstang
Recent Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Atomic Properties of Interest for Emission Line Stars
Mem. Soc. R. Sci. Liège, 20, 497, 1957.

R. H. Garstang
The Surface Temperature of the Moon
J. Brit. Astron. Ass., 68, 155, 1958.


Comm. ULO 34 
R. H. Garstang
Further Computations of Quadrupole Line Strengths
Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., 54, 383, 1958.

C. W. Allen
Solar Radiation
Q.J.R. Meteorological Soc., 84, 307, 1958.

Comm. ULO 36 
E. W. Foster
A Fast Recording Spectrograph for Absolute Intensity Measurement of Bright Sources
Proc. Inst. Electronics, 3, 2, 1958.

R. H. Garstang
Peculiar Stars
Occasional Notes, RAS, 3, 234, 1959.


P. A. Sweet
Coulomb Scattering in a Magnetic Field
Phil. Mag., 4, 1155, 1959.

Comm. ULO 39 
C. W. Allen
A Sunspot Cycle Model
The Observatory, 80, 94, 1960.

Comm. ULO 40 
R. H. Garstang
Mutual Magnetic Interactions and Oscillator Strengths in the First Spectrum of Oxygen
Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., 57, 115, 1961.

Comm. ULO 41 
J. B. Tatum
Oscillator Strengths of Neutral and Ionized Titanium
[Mimeogram] 1961.

C. W. Allen
Solar Ultraviolet and X-Ray Line Emission
Mem. Soc. R. Sci. Liège, 4, 241, 1961 (1960 Liège Symposium on Far Ultraviolet Spectra of Astronomical Bodies).

B. Warner
Stresses in the Surface of the moon
J. Brit. Astron. Ass, 71, 388, 1962.

Comm. ULO 44 
B. Warner
The Lunar Maria
Planet. Space Sci., 5, 283, 1961.

G. Fielder
The Contraction and Expansion of the Moon
Planet. Space Sci., 8, 1, 1961.

Comm. ULO 46 
B. Warner
Accretion and Erosion on the Surface of the Moon
Planet. Space Sci., 5, 321, 1961.

A. S. Douglas and R. H. Garstang
Transition Integrals for Si IV and Ca II
Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., 58, 377, 1962.

Comm. ULO 48 
E. W. Foster
Measurement of Transition Probabilities in the Visible Spectra of O I and C I and Estimation of Vacuum Ultra-Violet Radiation Standards
Proc. Phys. Soc., 79, 94, 1962.

Comm. ULO 49 
B. Warner
The Initial Mass Function and the Occurrence of Stars of Small Mass
Pubs. Astron. Soc. Pacific, 73, 439, 1961.

Comm. ULO 50 
R. H. Garstang and B. Warner
Identifications 5880-6867Å for Late Type Stars
[Mimeogram] 1962.

Comm. ULO 51 
G. Fielder and B. Warner (1962)
Stress Systems in the Vicinity of Lunar Craters.
Planet Space Sci., 9, 11, 1962.

Comm. ULO 52 
G. Fielder and C. Jordan (1962)
Selenological Implications drawn from the Distortions of Craters in the Hipparchus Region of the Moon.
Planet Space Sci., 9, 3, 1962.

B. Warner (1962)
Some Features of the Lunar Grid System.
J. Brit. Astron. Ass., 72, 181, 1962.

B. Warner (1962)
Some Problems of Lunar Orogeny.
J. Brit. Astron. Ass., 72, 280, 1962.

B. Warner (1962)
The Measurement of Stellar Scintillation.
J. Brit. Astron. Ass., 72, 177, 1962.

E. W. Foster (1962)
Measurement of Transition Probabilities in the Cl I, Cl II and C I Spectra.
Proc. Phys. Soc., 80, 882, 1962.


Comm. ULO 57 
R. H. Garstang (October 1962)
Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Line Strengths and Transition Probabilities for Forbidden Lines of Fe II.
Supplement of: Mon. Not. R. astr. Soc., 124, 321, 1962.

Comm. ULO 58 
G. Fielder (April 1963)
Lunar Tectonics.
Q.J. Geolog. Soc. London, 119, 65, 1963.

Comm. ULO 59 
B. Warner (September 1963)
Spectrum Line Identifications 3184-4000 Å in Late Type Giant Stars.

Comm. ULO 60 
B. Warner and R.H. Garstang (July 1963)
Equivalent Width Measurements 5880-6867 Å in Late Type Stars.

Comm. ULO 61 
G. Fielder (April 1964)
Strike-slip Faulting in the Vaporum Region of the Moon.
Q.J. Geolog. Soc. London, 120, 275, 1964.

Comm. ULO 62 
B. Warner (March 1964)
Spectrum Line Identifications 3244-6867 Å in the Cepheid $\ell$ Carinae at Maximum Light.

Comm. ULO 63 
B. Warner (1964)
The Measurement of Stellar Magnitudes using a Recording Microphotometer.
J. Brit. Astron. Ass., 74, 99, 1964.

Comm. ULO 64 
B. Warner (1964)
The Strengths of Spectrum Lines formed in Stellar Atmospheres with predominantly H- Continuous Absorption.
J. Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 4, 415, 1964.

Comm. ULO 65 
B. Warner (April 1964)
Measurements of Equivalent Widths in the Barium Stars.

Comm. ULO 66 
B. Warner (July 1965)
Absolute Oscillator Strengths for Doubly Ionized Iron.

Comm. ULO 67 
B. Warner and E.L.G. Bowell (November 1964)
Absolute Oscillator Strengths in Neutral Manganese.

Comm. ULO 68 
C. Jordan (November 1965)
Wavelengths, Intensities and Identifications of Solar Emission Lines between 1994 Å and 13.7 Å

Comm. ULO 69 
B. Warner (January 1966)
Fractional Parentage Coefficients involving Equivalent d Electrons.

Comm. ULO 70 
B. Warner (February 1966)
Absolute Oscillator Strengths for Fe II.

Comm. ULO 71 
B. Warner (February 1966)
Absolute Oscillator Strengths for Doubly and Triply Ionised Atoms of the Iron Group.

Comm. ULO 72 
L.M. Dougherty (September 1966)
Oscillator Strengths in Strong Multiplets of Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium and Iron.

Comm. ULO 73 
C.W. Allen (June 1968)
Table of Spectrum Line Numbers for Stellar Photospheric Conditions.
Supplement to Mon. Not. R. astr. Soc., 139, 367, 1968.

Comm. ULO 74 (Not issued)

S.L. Wright and J.D. Argyros (November 1975)
ATLAS5 at the University of London (SAM1). I: Programming and Implementation.

S.L. Wright (November 1975)
ATLAS5 at the University of London (SAM1). II: User's Guide.

D. McNally (July 1976)
Report on the Present State of Astronomical Education in Those Countries Represented on Commission 46 of the International Astronomical Union.

T.T. Moon (August 1985)
Stellar Parameters from Stroemgren Photometry: Fortran Programs.

I.A. Crawford (February 1989)
A Study of Interstellar UV Lines towards Six Members of the Sco OB1 Association.

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