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Working Well With AI

In this podcast series, we discuss how AI is changing the world of work. AI has long been predicted to reshape our working lives, and it has developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. As we emerge from a global pandemic we’re rethinking how we work, what sort of work we value, and what we need for the future.

Listen to cutting edge conversations from experts who ask how AI is changing the world. 


Episode 1: Good Work with AI

In this episode we discuss what “good” work means with Rob McCargow (PwC) and Mary Towers (Trades Union Congress), and how AI can impact this - considering both positive and negative uses of AI technologies in workplaces.

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Episode 2: AI and Disenfranchisement at Work

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr Jamie Woodcock (Open University) and Dr Zeynep Engin (UCL computer science) to discuss disenfranchisement by AI in the world of work. We cover topics like algorithmic management and the biases that can be exacerbated by AI driven technologies – and discuss broader inequities AI can highlight and make worse. We also consider positive uses of AI in work and discuss what actions can be taken to steer technology development and use in work to increase fairness for us all.

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Episode 3: AI across sector and scale

In this episode, host Professor Rose Luckin (UCL IOE) discusses how UK businesses - small and large, and across different regions - can engage with AI and attract tech talent, with guests Vimla Appadoo, Head of Experience at Culture Shift, and Dana Elman-Vishkin, Innovation Delivery Manager at Digital Catapult.

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Episode 4: AI and Future Skills

In this episode, host Professor Rose Luckin (UCL Knowledge Lab, UCL IOE) explores “Future Skills” with Dr Louise Hickman (University of Cambridge) and Jordan Cummins from (CBI). As jobs and work will change with the increasing use of AI, we discuss what future skills are needed to close the AI-skill gap in the UK. We examine the roles of government, industry and academia in addressing this issue and how learning with and about AI can be done in an inclusive way. We also discuss what it means to build an AI-enabled workforce and try to identify what potentials are yet to be unlocked.

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Episode 5: AI and Research

In this episode, host Professor Rose Luckin (UCL Knowledge Lab, UCL IOE) speaks to Professor Jack Stilgoe (UCL Department of Science & Technology Studies, Maths & Physical Sciences) and Dr Molly Morgan Jones (British Academy) to explore what kinds of research are most needed in the AI space - and how we should go about filling the gaps.

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