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Black Lives at UCL

Black Lives at UCL, is a new podcast series amplifying and sharing the voices of UCL's black staff and students.

In each episode, you’ll hear from three people from within the UCL community, talking about their experiences of race, racialisation and systemic racism, and asking what UCL needs to change in order to be better. 

Black Lives at UCL is hosted by Tunde Banjoko OBE, a social justice advocate, UCL alumnus and the founder of multiple initiatives such as Making the Leap, the UK Social Mobility Awards and Black Charity Leaders.  

Watch the video for a message from UCL President & Provost Dr Michael Spence AC about the podcast.

  • Creator and Executive Producer: Kyla Jardine 
  • Producer and Editor: Cerys Bradley 
  • Artwork: Janine Clayton 
  • Music: Amine Mabrouk 

A message from UCL President & Provost Dr Michael Spence AC

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Episode 1: in conversation with academics

Welcome to the debut episode of Black Lives at UCL. Host, Tunde Banjoko OBE is joined by three UCL academics. 

  • Dr Lele Rangaka, a Clinical Associate Professor at the Institute for Global Health, Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town and a member of UCL TB, a global tuberculosis research network. 
  • Dr Lola Solebo, an NIHR clinical academic and winner of the prestigious National Institute of Health Research Clinician Scientist award. She works at UCL ICH and Great Ormond Street Hospital.  
  • Dr Mike Sulu, a Lecturer in the Department of Biochemical Engineering and Co-chair of the Race Equality Steering Group.  

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Episode 2: in conversation with UCL's professional services staff

Welcome back to Black Lives at UCL. In this episode, our host Tunde Banjoko OBE speaks to three members of UCL’s Professional Services Staff.  

  • Noel Caliste, an Executive Assistant working within the Library Services, and the Chair of UCL’s LGBTQ+ Equality Steering Group.  
  • Terrie Fiawoo, Departmental Manager of the Department for Population, Policy and Practice at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. She is Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group; Co-chair of the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health’s Race Equity Group, and sits on UCL’s Race Equality Steering Group. 
  • Marcia Jacks, Institute Manager for the EGA Institute for Women’s Health and Co-chair of UCL’s Race Equality Steering Group. 

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Episode 3: in conversation with UCL's students

Welcome back to Black Lives at UCL. In our final episode of the series, host Tunde Banjoko OBE talks to three UCL’s students.  

  • Noella Kalasa, an undergraduate Natural Sciences student specialising in Geophysics and Physical Chemistry, and Co-founder of the UCL Justice Collective, which brings together people at UCL fighting for change.  
  • Sephora Madjiheurem, a computer science PhD candidate in the Learning and Signal Processing group, and Co-host of Not My Problem, a podcast that tackles the social justice issues that are often ignored.  
  • Tissot Regis, a PhD candidate from the Department of Geography, and recipient of the Windsor Fellowship Scholarship. Tissot is also the Co-host of Surviving Society, which explores the local and global politics of race and class from a sociological perspective. 

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