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Global Business School for Health

The Global Business School for Health (GBSH) will equip leading professionals with the necessary skills to meet the challenges faced by healthcare systems today.

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Our vision is to create a world-leading business school for health focused on addressing the challenges faced by healthcare systems today.

These include rising costs, inefficiencies, demographic and societal pressures, and the opportunities as well as the complexity of new technological advances.

Embedded within an executive education environment in our Marshgate building, the UCL Global Business School for Health (GBSH) at UCL East will equip leading professionals, globally, with the necessary skills to meet these challenges.

Its underlying goal is to support improvements in the quality of healthcare decision-making at clinical, operational, strategic and policy levels.

It is inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal to achieve Universal Health Coverage worldwide with effective, quality and affordable health services.

Key information

UCL faculty: Population Health Sciences
Academic leads: Professor Nora Colton
Building: Marshgate
Focus areas: Health; business; entrepreneurship; economics
Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/global-business-school-health

We will offer a range of Master's level and Executive Education courses to provide management skills equivalent to other business schools, but focused on the challenges the health sector is facing globally and locally.

These will be complemented by teaching from a world-leading faculty of academics, research opportunities, and engagement with private and public sector partners.

The School will blend classic health disciplines of health economics, epidemiology, and behavioural sciences, with public policy, law and regulation, the management and organisation of public and private health systems, and entrepreneurship and the management of innovation.

In doing so, it will reflect UCL’s position as a multi-faculty university able to offer perspectives on health and healthcare from well beyond the biomedical sciences. 

Many of these resources will be offered both as face-to-face content at UCL East and in distance learning format, recognising that a significant draw for managers and leaders is real-time interaction and networking with peers, in addition to the flexibility that comes with learning in an online environment.

GBSH will be a centre of excellence, bringing together for the first time the latest in our cross-disciplinary healthcare thinking with knowledge from the healthcare industries, leading healthcare professionals and researchers, and providing the professionals of the future with a cutting-edge platform to put their learning into practice.

The extensive changes that are taking place in the NHS with integrated care and globally in terms of health and healthcare, particularly with the impact of COVID-19, call for CPD/short courses and degrees in health innovations in areas that span not only digital health innovations but patient perspectives and other aspects of leadership, population health management, and unmet clinical needs. The School is also an opportunity to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to broker dialogues across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health IT, and leaders in health systems, both clinical and non-clinical.

” – Professor Nora Colton, Director of the Global Business School of Health