UCL East


The masterplan


The UCL East "masterplan" has informed the Outline Planning Application (submitted May 2017), which set a framework for the overall distribution of building heights and blocks, the amount of floorspace, building uses, and links to spaces.

Key features

The key elements of the UCL East masterplan are:

  • Movement in, around and through the buildings. A "Fluid Zone" has been introduced across the lower levels of the buildings to invite people into the campus and encourage movement and flow. Active frontages along key routes will connect UCL East to its surroundings
  • The safety of all those who use the buildings. The building design seeks to ensure a safe and secure environment through lighting, visual connectivity, overlooking from active areas, and strong sightlines across the public realm
  • Clear links between UCL East and the Olympic Park. The campus will be inextricably linked with, and complementary to, its surroundings. The planned 'promenade', for example, will form an arrival space for UCL East and connect visitors and users of the buildings with the wider Park
  • Vibrant public spaces. The planned 'Plaza', for example, will be a vibrant public space and the heart of UCL East, defined by the buildings around it and linked to the Promenade and planned terraces
  • Student accomodation. Both of the Pool Street sites and Marshgate I will include student accommodation above the lower levels.

Programme phases

The UCL East programme will be delivered in phases as part of the overarching masterplan. At each phase of development there will be a coherent and functional campus, enjoyable and accessible to UCL students, staff, the local community and visitors. It is anticipated that during the phasing of the UCL East development, a number of interim and meanwhile uses will be considered.

Construction of UCL East Phase 1 will start in 2019, with the first building expected to be completed in time for the start of the 2021 academic year. Phase 1 development will comprise up to 50,000 sqm of development, including around 500 bed spaces for student accommodation. Initial modelling suggests that when Phase 1 is fully operational, there will be approximately 4,000 students and 260 academic staff on site.

The remainder of the proposed development will take place in UCL East Phase 2.