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VIRTUAL LUNCH HOUR LECTURE: Transdisciplinary robotics

18 February 2021

Join us on 11 March at 1pm to listen to a UCL East Lunch Hour Lecture on robotics and artificial intelligence.

Still of UCL East flythrough video, showing a robot arm in CGI


The field of robotics is inherently interdisciplinary since robots, even at their very basic, are composed of mechanical, electronic and computer-based components. Increasingly, however, roboticists are learning from and influencing other subjects – from architecture to zoology.

This talk will discuss some of the transdisciplinary aspects of robotics that have come to the fore in recent years, with the aim of stimulating discussion of opportunities for broad collaboration in line with the UCL EAST vision.

Speaker: Stephen Hailes

Stephen Hailes is the Head of Department for Computer Science and is leading the development of the Robotics and AI programme for UCL EAST.

He graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University and came to work at UCL as a post-doctoral researcher nearly 30 years ago, researching in the area of multimedia systems. In that role, he performed the first demonstration of video conferencing over IP networks in the UK.

As a lecturer, his research interests developed in three main directions: trust and security, in which he was one of the founders of the field of computational trust; networking, in which he is currently working on the area of networked industrial control systems; and mobile and sensor systems for a variety of applications.

Over the years, Stephen has worked with colleagues in animal biology, earth sciences, neuroscience, chemistry, civil engineering, clinical medicine, psychiatry, and energy, amongst others.

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