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Video: Meet artist Emma Hart, commissioned to make a permanent public art work for Pool Street West

19 November 2020

Appointed to produce a permanent piece of artwork for Pool Street West, on UCL East campus, Emma Hart has produced a video showcasing her work and explaining her creative practice.

Screenshot of Emma Hart's introductory video

To introduce herself to the UCL East academic community, Emma produced a video in which she talks about her art practice and some of the artworks she has produced over the past 15 years, for internationally renowned public galleries.

Her practice focuses on answering these questions:

What can an artwork do?

How can a structure meant to be looked at make a viewer feel or think something?

How can it demand the viewer produces their own experience of it rather than submit to the vision of the artist?

How can the viewing of the structure remain a live event, one that is different each time you encounter the artwork? 

Watch the video: 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKhVQwnRZTU&feature=youtu.be


If you are involved with the development of UCL East and want to get in touch with Emma, let us know and we will introduce you. 

Emma Hart was appointed in July 2020