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Community Engaged Learning Service embedded at UCL East

18 August 2020

The Community Engaged Learning Service team, who has been working closely with UCL East over the past year to embed community engaged learning approaches into teaching within our academic programming, has just released a series of videos to explain its service to UCL academics.

Photo of a workshop held for the UCL Community Engaged Learning service

Community Engaged Learning is a form of experiential learning that involves developing partnerships and collaborative projects into teaching between faculty, students and external partners.

Through these partnerships, students apply their theoretical knowledge to practice, develop transferable skills and become more life-ready. Academics can extend their classroom in the community and have more opportunity for creativity in their teaching. External partners can further their mission and goals which results in the creation of positive social impact.

Community Engaged Learning can entail in-person engagement, but also online engagement. Students can collaborate with partners from the local community, but also with partners from around the world.

The Community Engaged Learning Service (CELS) is a consultancy at UCL that aims to enable the development of more Community Engaged Learning opportunities into teaching. Students and community partners have been at the centre of the service, co-designing its offering, processes and resources.

If you are interested to embed partnerships with community partners into your new programme, email Marie Xypaki, the Curriculum and Public Engagement Consultant.

For more information, visit the Community Engaged Learning Service pages.

What the CELS videos:

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb0iuSAUIX8&list=PLmR-JZVheI8rS2ZVk6hUtb...