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Dr Michael Whiteley, Director of Strategic Alliance (APL)

Michael supports UCL East through creating strategic alliances between partners and the Advanced Propulsion Lab


Michael Whiteley
Michael is a highly experienced engineer in the field of automotive electrification. He is academically trained to PhD level in electrified powertrains and specialises in lithium ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. He also has extensive experience and seat-time testing high performance vehicles using hybrid and conventional ICE powertrains.

Michael gained his BSc from Sheffield Hallam University in 2006, and received his MSc from DeMontfort University’s Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development shortly after. His PhD looked into PEM fuel cell degradation in automotive applications, and was awarded by Loughborough University in 2016. 

Since then, Michael has supported and developed fuel cell research at Loughborough University as a Research Associate. He then worked in the areas of battery and fuel cell engineering as a senior researcher at UCL, while also holding the position of Contributing Editor at one of the world’s largest supercar magazines, and more recently became an invited contributor to Driving Electric magazine in the UK.

He joined the UCL’s Electrochemical Innovation Lab in December of 2017, and in 2018 moved to UCL’s Office for the Vice-Provost (Advancement) as Director of Strategic Alliance for the APL.

Michael can provide advice to those interested in partnering with the Advanced Propulsion Lab. If you would like further information, please contact Michael.

Research Interests:

  • PEM fuel cell systems in automotive applications
  • Lithium ion battery manufacture and testing (cell – pack level)
  • Electric powertrain and component degradation analysis
  • X-ray Computed Tomography of fuel cell and battery materials
  • Electrochemical characterisation of alternative energy technologies
  • Reliability and degradation modelling

List of Academic Publications:


List of Automotive/Science Publications associated with:

Mega Structures
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Road Track
Driving Electric