Right Column Content

This column is populated by adding a Silva Document with an id of  'index_right' into your silva publication and ensuring the option to 'Allow content in right column' is checked in the UCL Attributes Modifier in the publication root.

This document will be inherited by all pages up the navigation tree, unless overridden by another index_right or by switching off the option to 'Allow content in right column' using the UCL Attributes Modifier.

Includes: Display a Silva document within a Silva document

This content below is inserted from another silva document. 

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This is the contacts footer. To create a footer like this add a silva document with the id 'contacts' to the root of your publication and check the option in the UCL Attributes Modifier to 'Insert departmental contacts footer'. This will then display on all pages throughout your site. You can add almost any content into this document, I've added the external source to display the Social Bookmarks