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Erik Engebretsen


PhD Research Engineer

UCell Chief of Operations (2014-2015)


Following Leon Brown's departure from leadership in 2014, Erik and Vidal led UCell for the 2014-2015 academic year, leading the team to new heights of eventing. Some highlights from the year were a first outing at Glastonbury, an Ingenious Public Engagement Award from RAEng, and bring shortlisted for the IChemE Education and Training Award in 2015.  Erik still has a vested interest in UCell as he has now started a career with Bramble Energy, a spin out of UCL and Imperial.

Bio from 2014:

Erik, born of Norwegian and Thai blood, on Danish soil...then raised in Germany.  When he's not confusing everyone with his Viking calls, meditation, (insert whatever Denmark is famous for...Peter Schmeichel?), or sausage eating, he's researching advanced fuel cell diagnostic techniques at the EIL in UCL.

Following a brief stint in the oil industry with ExxonMobil and IRPC Ltd. during an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at UCL, he chose to venture into the world of alternative energies. When he’s not immersed in his research, he enjoys traveling, seeing friends, above & beyond (probably that German uhnn-tiss upbringing), and participating in and watching most competitive sports (when he’s not pretending to enjoy abstract art).


Erik’s research focus is the development of a novel diagnostic tool for low temperature fuel cells.



Erik Engebretsen

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