UCLTI Publications

A collection of briefing notes summarising key findings from a series of seminars on transport-relevant themes, designed to enable the uptake of the latest academic findings by the policy community

In association with UCL Engineering Exchange, we commissioned a charrette involving many community organisations affected by the planned changes in this development area.  Read more about the project and read the report.

A paper given at the 2015 Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society concerning the use of a novel approach to participatory transport planning.

A paper given at the 2015 Transport Practitioners Meeting concerning an on-line deliberation tool, Open Up, used to gauge opinion concerning airport expansion

Current decision-making and consultation processes have led to a widespread and deep-rooted lack of trust, eroding belief in the shared nature of infrastructure. The persistent absence of public acceptance is producing a planning system unable to respond coherently to the future needs of society.

Infrastructure and the Citizen, a collection of four short essays by UCL Transport Institute and consultation and engagement specialists Dialogue by Design reveal whether depoliticising infrastructure, viewing it as a social contract, considering it as a special case for dialogue, or accepting it as shared with society would enhance or diminish the public voice in decision making.

A brief report of a meeting on crime and transport held during the International Crime Science Conference in London, addressing the question of what is the most important current problem in transport crime.

A report produced for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation reviewing the evidence on transport and poverty with a focus on the UK.

Report of a meeting held on 1st May 2014 at which researchers from UCL and elsewhere offered perspectives on various aspects of cycling and culture.  Topics included negotiation of space, American attitudes to and responses to cycling, the rise of e-bikes in China and the urban canyon.

Report of a round-table gathering of UCL researchers.

On 17 February 2014, 11 UCL researchers gathered to share their research experience and aspirations relating to accessibility and mobility.  A short report summarises the presentations, showing research which ranges from studying the secret life of railway stations to designing wheelchairs that reduce long-term injuries.